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We don’t trust that governments will always do the right thing, but we do trust the goodwill of individuals who take risks to blow the whistle, exposing government misdeeds. Comments for People who Believe in Chemtrails If you believe in chemtrails, ask yourself how you can be so certain that there is indeed a grand conspiracy. Do you believe that people who are in high power positions always do the right thing? As the mythbusters would say this Chemtrail aka Cloud Seeding is a fact. Plausible if the question was: Is cloud seeding used to control population. Absolutely. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

Why do people belive in chemtrails

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Most peple consider the stories about chemtrails to be a hoax. Most people are aware that we are facing Global Warming and Global Climate Change. Why do some people believe in chemtrails? For the sake of this thread, I don't want to debate the existence of chemtrails. It is well known that "chemtrails", as defined and discussed here on GLP are only fantasies at best, and fabricated lies at worst. This thread is not meant to challenge those facts. Absolutely.

That drew comments from  16 Aug 2016 No evidence exists, say researchers, of a clandestine government plot to manipulate the atmosphere. 23 Aug 2013 Even on days with a clear blue sky, the skies aren't completely empty.


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Why do people belive in chemtrails

A listener asks about Morgellons. Is 5G or chemtrails involved? Or is it just detoxing? Patrick discusses the Fourth Amendment and the U.S. Constitution. What are 

2020-07-29 · Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Psychologists who specialize in conspiracy theories note that there are three main motivations people have for believing in a conspiracy, though they Also, If anyone wants to discuss the chemtrail hoax with believers 'in the wild', there's a chatroom here. Then again, there's so few people who even know about this meme, let alone believe it, there's probably no one there. In 2003, Barbra Streisand frantically tried to censor pictures of her home in Malibu after someone posted them online.

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General Discussion: 83: Apr 28, 2013: Why do people believe conspiracies? General Discussion: 86: Nov 12, 2012: Do you believe in any paranormal or supernatural abilities? General Discussion: 106: May 18, 2012: I am a Chemtrail Advocate . . .

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18 Aug 2016 This would be a really funny story if so many people didn't take this stuff seriously.

A 2014 review of 20 chemtrail websites found that believers appeal to science in some of their arguments, but do not believe what academic or government-employed scientists say; scientists and federal agencies have consistently denied that chemtrails exist, explaining the sky tracks are simply persistent contrails. Chemtrails are a literal vaccination from the sky.

Do you believe that people who are in high power positions always do the right thing?